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The Art of Human Anatomy; Miracles and Power in Numbers


Art of Human Anatomy

and the 

The Bricks of Genius

Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2015

The Art of Human Anatomy –

A breathtaking piece of art starts with a single brush stroke

A profound piece of literature starts with a letter

An inspiring piece of architecture starts with a brick

A magnificent dance starts with a single step

A glorious symphony starts with a single note

The miracle of a molecule starts with an atom

The magic of life starts with a cell

What is the common vein that runs through these creative miracles of our human world which are depicted in our human anatomy art?

What made da Vinci, van Gogh, Picasso, Seurat great artists? … and Shakespeare, Chaucer, Hemingway, Twain, Dickens great writers, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin great creators of music?

Human Anatomy Art

Bricks-of-Greatness” shows the units that were and are used by great and creative minds in a single lifetime to create richness and value to humankind in their respective fields. The first line shows the alphabet that Shakespeare used to create his masterful works.  The second line starts with a single brushstroke that da Vinci used to create his genius Mona Lisa.  The third line is a musical note Mozart used in his piano sonata No 16 in c major K545.  Einstein extracted 3 letters from the alphabet, with a single number and single symbol and he exploded a scientific revelation that describes the relationship of energy and mass.  The last line is the miracle of human life that absolute perfection (black sphere) created from the cell (left).  The final product evolves into the dance couple in passionate embrace(right).

Connecting and Organizing the Parts

The composers are all bound by the physical constraints of the units of their art.  What makes them genius is the manner in which they put these units together, and the manner in which the units are organized.  The brilliance is the manner with which the genius chooses to add, divide multiply and subtract so that the product pushes the envelope to something really special. Our most recent genius used a simple algebraic equation E = mc 2 giving us one of the most profound of human thoughts and insights; 3 letters a number and a symbol in a context– and there you have it – genius!

Human anatomy puts cells and organs together, connects them with life giving lines and voila- life!


“The Organs Combining to Make the Whole Body”  

shows the disconnected body parts that are scattered in random order and have no cohesiveness.  On the right side they are placed together and connected so that a working thinking and living person results. 

Time, Space, and Context

Individual human endeavor is but a lifetime of work

Nature has a taken a 13.8 billion years to create her work – Her creation has used the same tools and principles; addition, division, multiplication and subtraction in the context of the sun, moon and water. Her units started as we have seen with the hydrogen atom produced by Big Bang.  The repair of Big Bang is called units to unity.  Through this mechanism the world of biology tries to return to perfection and in the process creates the miracle of life.

The question of how life started has to be viewed through this process and in this context.  We may never come to a single black and white answer.  However what seems to be the common vein in the anatomy of the miracle is that the when the parts are bonded and organized, a surprise result evolves.

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