Medical Companies Pharmaceutical Industry

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Medical companies and the pharmaceutical industry targets organs and receptors on organ cells, such as the heart, brain, prostate, breasts, kidneys and blood vessels, among others.  These are the same organs to which Art in ANATOMY devotes its work.  These pieces, therefore, are of utmost and direct relevance to medical companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

FOR WHAT? Educational material is essential for sales personnel, so that they clearly understand the product they are selling. Preferred learning methods vary; some people prefer to learn by reading, others through visuals, and still others through a combination of the two.  Simple diagrams that “tell the story” function as a crucial part of training (and therefore of promoting and selling the products offered). These pieces strive to show function through their form, and they teach through their visual appeal.

For promotional and advertising material, the dramatic colors of the target organ are effectively eye catching. Branding icons created by ART in ANATOMY can be custom designed.

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