What You Buy


What you buy? You purchase the right to download the the digital format of the chosen product from the website.

There are two forms of each product

Printable form that is about 5000 pixels in longest dimension, 240 dpi and the print size is approximately 18-22 inches in longest dimension

Web Format is about 800 pixels in longest dimension, 96 dpi, and is used for web communications, advertising and mass mailings

You are allowed to use the image to create a product for your own use whether it be to decorate an office with a printed version, publication in a journal or text book, create a T shirt with the image, use the image for mass mailings on the web, but you cannot use the image for resale.

Refer to the License Agreement you are accepting when purchasing our art products. Copyright laws are enforced.

Please Contact us with questions or for custom work.  Alternatively email the artist, Dr Davidoff  with questions and orders relating to customized work. (info@artinanatomy.com).  Commissioned work is charged based on complexity of the request.

We have worked for many years with Frame It – Waban Galleries .  This company understands our product and provides professional advice and high quality products.