Resolution and cost

The artwork is sold in digital form and is  sold in 3 resolutions

The art work is sold on this site as a digital image in 3 formats .

High resolution enables hard copy reproduction for prints up to about 36″ ($90).

Medium resolution enables hardcopy format for prints up to about 20″ ($60)

Low resolution enables use on the web and email promotions ($30).

Watermark signature

Only the displayed images have a watermark signature in the bottom right hand corner with the artist signature and copyright insignia.


Watermark signature

The watermark signature in bottom right corner is only on the catalogue images

All other images- ie high res, medium res, and web image are delivered without the signature

Art Display

The art is best displayed on canvas since it creates the effect of an original art piece, is light to hang and relatively inexpensive to produce. As a digital form it can be printed on any material and therefore has many applications – calenders, cups. mugs, clothing, confectionary,curtains,silk prints.

Custom art

Large diplays can be custom designed or custom ordered


Once purchased the images can be used multiple times but cannot be resold.

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