Exhibits and Trade Shows test

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Exhibits and trade shows are important events for companies to display their products. A booth with a welcoming design that clearly displays the mission of the company with an attractive design is crucial.

ART in ANATOMY is a perfect choice to develop artwork and advertising for these shows. The striking colors characteristic of Dr. Davidoff”s work, the anatomical context, and contemporary styles, all provide an ideal backdrop for the booth, and for educational and promotional material.  The art can be displayed in very large formats on silkscreen or canvas and, in some cases, can be custom printed in a size that can exceed 15 feet.

When exhibiting work in a tradeshow, image is everything. External appearance tries to reflect the quality of an organization’s substance and product. Advertising must communicate, “This is who we are and this is what we have, and it’s the best there is!”

THEMES and STYLES. We will work with you to bring to the design whatever vision you have; the range of style and content already available, along with our ability to customize, guarantees a match. To project a quiet elegance, for example, an impressionistic genre might be best. For a more high-tech aesthetic, minimalistic art would be appropriate. Again, all you need to do is communicate your goals, and we will work with you.

For more information or custom design contact us at:   info@artinanatomy.com