Consultations and  Commissions

Ashley Davidoff MD

Artistic Consultation Commissions are available for original or unique designs.  Original, large scale one of a kind works could be used to hang in the foyer of institutions hosppitals, medical clinics, or unique designs for advertising or branding.  The art work ranges from the conventional to the catchy and eccentric.



Be in First Position


The Heart – A Royal Organ

Dr. Davidoff will provide artistic guidance, logistic help, relating to designing unique images for branding of products or other customized work. Art for convention booths, banners, or posters can be customized.


Growing Family

Please Contact us with questions or for custom work.  Alternatively email the artist, Dr Davidoff  for customized work. (

Commissioned work is charged based on complexity of the request.  Cost for consultation and commissioned work is based on an hourly rate.

Large images up 15 foot high can be created for use in entrance halls of institutions, museums, convention booths.

We have worked for many years with Frame It – Waban Galleries .  This company understands our product and provide professional advice and a high quality products.