For Whom?

The art reflects the miracle and beauty of the body, both on the inside and the outside. Any person or institution that appreciates the extraordinary miracle of the body could use the art to create an environment that reveals this admiration.


Clinicians, and decorators of medical or paramedical offices, may use the art to reflect the type of health they are promoting.  The cardiologist looks after the heart and the circulation, the neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist the brain, the orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist the muscles and the bones, for example. All the organs of the body are represented in the artwork of Dr. Davidoff.

heart-ventricles-right atrium-aorta-pulmonary-artery-vena cava-art-anatomy-Davidoff

Equipment makers and developers may use the art relevant to the equipment being used.  Branding of the equipment may require commission for a unique art piece.  Educational material may require diagrams or art work to explain the equipment or devices being promoted.

Tradeshows often need an eye catching colorful art piece to attract potential customers.  The unique pieces of Dr. Davidoff can be commissioned for large works to function in this capacity.


The marketing industry similarly may require unique artwork to reflect their product.  Dr. Davidoff can design an art piece that reflects the need of the marketing group.

Educational material for clinicians, equipment makers, marketers, pharmaceutical industry, or scientific publications, may find the art applicable to their endeavors.

The art work has a philosophical and cultural perspective.  An institution for example that would like to portray the power of unification could take advantage of many of the art pieces that reflect this concept which is the driving force of Dr. Davidoff’s work.



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