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Art Anatomy – From Big Bang to Human Anatomy

Adam and Eve, Intimacy and Atomic Human Anatomy

Ashley Davidoff Copyright 2015

Art Anatomy begins after Big Bang, the positive force of the proton and the negative force of the electron danced around each other in the hydrogen atom. Despite their union they maintained their individuality.

Sometimes they get very close and intimate but still they retain their separate existence while remaining a new unit.  Consciously and unconsciously hydrogen seeks to form new bonds in an attempt to repair – so we believe – and return to the peacefulness of existence before Big Bang.


Bonding Forces in the Hydrogen Atom with Motion

The swirling motion as a result of the attractive forces in the hydrogen atom

And hydrogen – the brick of the universe, the brick of the earth, and the brick of the human body, bonded with other hydrogen atoms and moved  under the forces of the moon and the sun, and eventually formed different bricks of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen among others, and then moved on to create molecules, macro-molecules, nucleic acids, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, from those bricks.

Adam and Eve

And many years later two opposite human forces emerged and the one we called Adam and the second we called Eve… man and woman born to the earth.

Adam and Eve Born to the Earth

Adam and Eve emerge after much bonding and multiplication and trials in evolution

Atomic anatomy of the human body

62% of the human body is made from the hydrogen atom, 24% from oxygen, 12% from carbon, 1.1% from nitrogen, and then diminishing fractions of a percent for calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, fluorine, iron and zinc.

Element Atomic percent
Hydrogen 62
Oxygen 24
Carbon 12
Nitrogen 1.1
Calcium 0.22
Phosphorus 0.22
Sulfur 0.038
Sodium 0.037
Potassium 0.033
Chlorine 0.024
Magnesium 0.0070
Fluorine 0.0012
Iron 0.00067
Zinc 0.00031

And on arrival of the two sexual forces of our human world, we find that they too are made from many of the original bricks. The hydrogen atom composes 62% of their makeup, and man and woman, just like the bricks that make them up, continue the dance around each other as a basic human endeavor. Despite their union they maintain their individuality.

Sometimes they get very close and intimate seeking to form new bonds in an attempt to repair – so we believe, and return to the peacefulness of existence before Big Bang.

A Passionate Dance

When they get as close as two people could ever be as they are consciously and unconsciously driven to return to wholeness, an explosion happens, providing a human experience of the sensational and miraculous energy of Big Bang.

“Oh my God!” we often say.

Then There was an Explosion

Big Bang in the Beginning

As a result there is a new cycle in time where the cells of this union try the same experiment since they too are opposite and attractive forces.


When Sperm Meets Egg

Union of the Sperm and the Egg

As a result of the union since biology understands the power of numbers, it starts to divide and multiply in “units to unity” fashion and the fetus forms.

The Fetus and the Earth

Fetus of the Earth

And the cycle starts again with the production of a new male or female force on the earth who will attempt (consciously and unconsciously) to return to the time when pure perfection existed.

Summary of Life

Art AnatomyFrom Big Bang to the Fetus

The last image is a summary of these events – the dynamic anatomy of evolution – the common vein that runs through all of biology – big bang – forms bricks- the bricks bond to form new bricks to attempt to return to wholeness. In the process, the new bricks bond and the magic of life evolves.  In the magic of life, two opposite forces are attracted to each other.  They dance around each other, maintain their individuality, and in their conscious and unconscious need to return to wholeness, they are interrupted by an explosive emotion. Their seeds are themselves driven to bond and a new individual force results – male or female, and a few years later this person is driven to wholeness as well.

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