Formats for type of products



There are many formats for the types of products  that digital images can be used for including customized “coffee table” books, clothing imprints, calendars, mugs, pens, clocks, coasters which all  can be custom designed or custom ordered .

The artist has applied art of anatomy with symbolism in history and cultures around the world as well as to romantic ideas of body structures in literary works and poetry. For example the heart universally  portrays love, the gallbladder an organ believed by the Zulus to be both the receiver and giver of life, and the color white and the lungs given the forces of freshness of a new day in Chinese medicine.


 Please Contact us with questions or for custom work.  Alternatively email the artist, Dr Davidoff   relating to customized work. (  Commissioned work is charged based on complexity of the request

We have worked for many years with Frame It – Waban Galleries .  This company understands our product and provide professional advice and a high quality products.