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Artistic Anatomy | Big Bang, a Passionate Union, and the Birth of Hydrogen – the Brick of the Universe

Artistic Anatomy –

Big Bang a Passionate Union and the Birth of Hydrogen –

The Brick of the Universe

Author Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2015 

Consultant: Lindsay Leveen BS Eng Chem,MBA,MSChE

Artistic Anatomy – From Big Bang to Hydrogen

Big bang created two opposing forces at time zero for the universe. One was a positive force and was called “Proto” (Gk = first) the proton. The second was a negative force and it was called “Electra” the electron. These forces were immediately attracted to each other and they gave birth to the atom and they saw it was good and they called their off spring hydrogen.  Artistic anatomy starts with the hydrogen atom which is depicted in the following art pieces.

Artistic Anatomy starts with Hydrogen

Conception of the Hydrogen Atom” shows the two opposing forces arising from the ashes of Big Bang in the face of Time

Hydrogen Atom

Birth of Electromagnetic Energy and Motionshows the two independent and opposite forces bonding with each other and creating a new and unique product that moves and contains an electromagnetic force.

These two forces were and are inseparable, but maintain their individuality as they and dance around each other in electric union.


The Spinning and Magnetic Hydrogen Atom” is the miracle of the union of the proton and the electron

The electron does not get sucked into the proton to form a neutron.  Rather it just spins around the proton with its wave like spinning motion keeping it from being annihilated or its negative electric charge eliminated.  The bond is strong enough to keep the particles together but not too strong to eliminate each identity.  Motion balances attraction, attraction balances motion, and element one is born.

The two opposite forces were and are the equivalent of Adam and Eve of biblical fame. They were and are the counterparts of males and females in all of biology who are driven to each other in order to procreate and form a cohesive community.


A Passionate Dance” occurs many years later with two different and opposite units that do the same thing! In this instance “Bonding of Forces in the Atom and in Dance” shows both the hydrogen atom and the dancers as two opposite forces who dance around each other in passionate union.  Each maintains individuality but forms something new and unique as a result of the bond.

Philosophically and biologically we see the bonding of opposites as both a conscious and unconscious powerful need. It seems we yearn for the time before Big Bang when there was absolute perfection and we were whole. As we build, we try and put all the pieces (bricks) back together. The term  “units to unity defines this equation where 1 + 1 = 1

We will see the building of the anatomy of the body in the same way as structures bond to each other, maintain their individuality, but build a structure bigger and more unified than the individual parts. We explore the concept in artistic anatomy and medical art.


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