The clinician’s office should feel like a second home – and one to be proud of.  Entering the office for the clinician, the staff and the patient  should uplift all.

MRI-brain-art-anatomy-Davidoff CT-chest-heart-lungs-art-anatomy-Davidoff heart-ventricles-right atrium-aorta-pulmonary-artery-vena cava-art-anatomy-Davidoff Galen-humorism brain-logic-heart-vital-lungs-liver-nutritive-spleen-stomach-Galen-medicine-history-art-anatomy-Davidoff The-complex-story-of-urine-production-by-the-nephron-arteriole-glomerulus-Bowman's-tubule-bladder-and-urethra-made-simple colon-0019-catalogue-signed-res

Why Art in Anatomy?

These unique pieces can be used to create a desired ambiance in the office.  The mood that is required may range from a desire for a colorful and uplifting setting, to calming, intriguing, serious, or elegant settings.  Generic nature and flower images produce generic calming effects, but often lack the unique relevance and insight present in the works of AiA, which bring elegance and life through the structure of the body relevant to a medical office space.

ART in ANATOMY portrays human anatomy with a colorful energy and an aesthetic force not usually associated with traditional anatomical drawings.  The art therefore decorates the office while also serving an educational function: the clinician can use the images to explain anatomy or a medical condition to the patient. Because anatomy is universal, so is the reach and application of this art.


The art is relevant to all clinicians including specialists, general practitioners, nurses, paramedical professionals and practitioners in alternative medicine. The primary focus of the art is portrayal of the structure of the body, by portraying the individual organs or he body in robust and intriguing forms through a variety of artistry.  A neurologist or neurosurgeon might display an artistic rendering of the brain for both aesthetic and educational purposes.


The bone and muscle professionals such as the  orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, acupuncture specialist, chiropractor, or physiotherapist may display artistic renderings of the legs or hands to communicate more general physical movement, as exemplified by an athlete or dancer in motion, or in the elegant, more specific motion of a symphony conductor’s commanding hand.

The mind professionals such as the  psychiatrist or psychologist may find a philosophical message as portrayed, for example, in “The Whole Bigger than the Parts.”

Alternative medicine professionals may find the holistic image portrayed above to be representative of their profession or the humoral approach to medicine portrayed by Hippocrates and popularized by Galen to reflect the nature of their work.

Galen-humorism brain-logic-heart-vital-lungs-liver-nutritive-spleen-stomach-Galen-medicine-history-art-anatomy-Davidoff


The featured designs can be colorful and dynamic, whimsical, intriguing, regal, or calming.  This variety caters well to whatever the ambiance of the space and the need of the office.

In the personal office of a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon with conservative taste, for example, a regal representation of the heart may fit best.

heart-ventricles-right atrium-aorta-pulmonary-artery-vena cava-art-anatomy-Davidoff

Contemporary Ambiance – If, on the other hand, the office has a modern feel with monochrome style, then a large colorful and abstract artistic depiction of the heart would be better suited.


The waiting room has different needs.  Patients may be nervous and need distraction as they wait.  “Chest of Fruit” is a creative reproduction of the chest, using grapes, red peppers, and yellow banana peels.  This piece would be captivating and perhaps put a little (and well-needed) smile on the patients’ faces.



The tranquil “Ginkgo Tree” is a beautiful piece created from a CT scan of the lungs.  The airways and lungs are discrete enough to be hidden, and the piece is rendered enough to have calming effects, though a questioning mind would be intrigued enough to search for the hidden anatomy of the chest.

In the changing rooms or bathrooms the art can be displayed on a low-cost waterproof aluminum backing and any piece, prudently chosen – be it whimsical, calming, comical, or elegant — could decorate the space.

FORMAT. Since the art is electronic, it can be printed in infinite formats.  Examples include a traditional wall piece, wallpaper design, logo on a letterhead, calendar, mug, pen, tee shirt; or an accompanying image on an email, educational or advertising pamphlet.  Coffee table books for the waiting room can be custom designed.

THEMES.  The main emphasis of ART in ANATOMY is to depict anatomy in a beautiful way.  Dr. Davidoff, however, has been creating these pieces for educational modules for over 20 years and his collection spans all fields of biology, chemistry and medicine.  His website, developed over the last 30 years, describes universal principles and philosophies as a basis from which to learn medicine. Many of the teachings are exemplified in the form of artistic renderings.  The intent to educate through images and imagery has produced a broad range of styles from the minimalist “stick” diagrams, to more complex, imaginative and philosophical pieces.  The liver, for example, is known as the metabolic warehouse of the body. It never sleeps and is a factory that works 24 / 7.  “Clockwork Purple” therefore depicts a clock in the purple liver with cogs of the watch churning at full speed.

STYLES. The artist’s favorite style is impressionism.  Many of the more calming pieces are produced in this style.  Sometimes, though, understanding of the bare bones framework of a structure calls for a stick diagram.  The heart, for instance, is in essence built around a cross.  Creating a piece of the heart with this framework in mind results in a minimalist style. Abstract, contemporary, realistic, surrealistic, and geometric styles are also used extensively.  Color, often bright, is a major aspect of the works, but some pieces are relatively stark and with little color. Some designs are most impressive in black and white.

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