WHY ART in ANATOMY? Dr. Davidoff has held a passionate interest in anatomy and has taught and published relevant work for 25 years, winning many awards at national meetings.  His work is founded in a deep understanding of anatomy. It is expressed sometimes in more specific visual terms, in order to express anatomical function, and sometimes in a more abstract, or even philosophical, manner. Whatever the publication at hand, there is artwork available to help express the message present in the text, or else to serve a more general aesthetic purpose.

WHICH CLINICAL FIELDS? Medical publications are universally related to the body and its organs – most commonly in the context of diagnosis and/ or treatment. There are, however, many non-medical publications related to the human body and its anatomy.  There are, to list only a few, books and journals on athletics, nutrition, dance, mountain climbing, sculpting, painting, and innumerable others. All these require graphics that enhance or explain the subject. Even published research, or academic information, often is better absorbed when accompanied by visual art, especially if they deal with internal processes that readers need help visualizing.

FORMATS. The artwork may find a place in a hard copy text book, a journal, or in digital format. Design of attractive and catchy cover pages is also a useful application of work from ART in ANATOMY

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