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We the Cells of the Body, Want to Create a More Perfect Union

Adam and Eve Choose Cabinet Members for the Body’s Society of Cells

Arielle Davidoff and Ashley Davidoff  Copyright 2017

 Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better – Einstein 

As Adam and Eve entered the Garden of Eden they heard the cry of the disparate cells of the body:

“Without each other we are nothing.  Please unite us in structure and function with your wisdom. E Pluribus Unum!”

E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One

The cells knew they would be around for a long time; their grand scheme was to pursue Oneness. They understood the consequences of bullying, selfishness, greed, and jealousy. They also knew the power of goodness, integrity, humility, and sharing.  The cells resolved to fight the evil aspects of humanity.  56 cells from all walks of life discussed the issue of collaborative community living, and drafted a constitution they all signed in Philadelphia.  The cells submitted this proposal to Adam and Eve. It read:

We the Cells of the Body, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Cells of the Body.”

50 representative cells overlying the stars

Adam and Eve realized that the cell was the key “person” in their society 

Adam and Eve, taken aback by the wisdom of biology, accepted the proposal and recognized the document as a marvel of humanity.  They knew it was imperfect, but accepted that as humanity learned through time, experience, and application, it could be amended and better understood.

And so what to do now?

Adam and Eve’s first task was to choose leadership for this noble effort.  Which type of cells did the society of the body need? The stakes were high; they needed to organize an efficient society in which each of the body’s 37.2 trillion individual cells would be fed, protected, fulfilled and free.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve examined the variety of cells that surrounded them, then turned to consider the needs of society. thinking about which to choose.

Essential Functions

They debated and discussed how to build a body to house and protect its contents and enable the person to live a full and free life.  They spoke through the night and on the sixth day they arrived at a basic plan of a successful body’s most important functions. Those functions would fulfill the direction of the constitution they had drafted earlier.

Their plan was a simple list of the body’s essential functions:

  1. control, manage, direct
  2. protect and support
  3. provide food, energy, and manufacture needed products
  4. transport
  5. maintain
  6. produce and prepare the next generation

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve entered the society of the cells and began to select societal leaders for the various essential functions on their list.


Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden’s Cell Shop

 Adam and Eve ventured into the Garden of Eden Cell Shop with their shopping list of the functional needs for their society.

Finding the Leader Cell to Control, Manage and Direct

The cell to govern the body would need an overview of the whole situation of life and Oneness.  Its chief characteristics would be wisdom, honesty, humility and integrity. It also needed to sense and react appropriately to both the external and internal environment so that everybody could live a safe and fulfilling life. This cell also had to be able to communicate with every cell in the body – all 37.2 trillion of them – from the tip of the head to the tips of the toes.


The Neuron – “Il Presidente”

They chose the brain cell or neuron for its leadership, and they playfully called  it “Il Presidente.”  Crucially, the neuron could connect not only with other brain cells, but also (directly or indirectly) with every cell in the body. The neuron could also react to the outside environment.

Adam and Eve Trying on the Brain Cell for Size

 Adam tried on the brain cell and sought Eve’s approval.  It was tailored for both the internal and external environments.

Modified public domain work of Henri Rousseau “The Dream”  1910 (MoMA)

“Il presidente” made his first speech referencing Hillel’s sage advice: “If I am not for the body of my person who will be?  And if I am only for the body of my person, then what am I?  If not now when then?”

Adam and Eve nodded at each other, satisfied with their choice.

Finding a Cell for Protection  

Adam and Eve lived in a dangerous environment.  Wild, predatory animals ranged in size from the dinosaurs to violent religious zealots, to the smallest virus particles.  They identified two principal needs – protection from the outside, and protection from the inside of the body.  They turned first to secure internal security.

Adam and Eve were aware of Voltaire’s wise words: “Beware of the words ‘internal security,’ for they are the eternal cry of the oppressor.”  They also knew, conversely, that Cicero stated “Salus populi suprema lex esto”  –  “Let the good (or safety) of the people be the supreme (or highest) law.”

The cell responsible for internal environmental control had to be highly intelligent, so it could sensitively identify the enemy without racial profiling.  Adam and Eve searched for a long time before they encountered an amazing, introverted cell genius, decorated with Einstein’s hairstyle. They called it the macrophage.  This cell had an exquisite memory for detail and an uncanny ability to spot and destroy the enemy of peace.  Rebels and terrorists in the body were no match for this cell.


The Macrophage Police Cell with a Crazy Hairstyle

The macrophage’s motto was the simple equation:   E = mc2

Enemy of the Common Good will be taken down by the Macrophage with Great Conviction for the sake of the peace of humanity

Finding a Cell to Manufacture Food, Energy, and Other Needed Products

The manufacturing function related to internal economy.  Adam and Eve knew that a successful internal economy required self sufficiency. All able bodied cells had a right and an obligation to work.  Adam and Eve remembered and appreciated the wise words of the famous John Kennedy who declared “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

The body would need manufacturing facilities present in all of its parts.  Noticing, however, that the liver cell proved especially adept at manufacturing, Adam and Eve chose this cell to lead the body’s internal economy.

The Liver Cell – Key in Metabolic Function in the Metabolic Warehouse of the Body


Finding a Cell to Lead the Transport Function

Transport to and from the cells would be an essential bodily function.  Adam and Eve chose the red cell to lead the effort, since it could transport oxygen and carbon dioxide, which they knew is vital to life.  The red cell with its colorful hemoglobin was a natural choice.  They recognized its ability to rapidly exchange gases in the lungs and at the cell as a stunning accomplishment of nature.

Red Cell with Hemoglobin Responsible for the Transport of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Finding the Cell to Lead Maintenance: Repair, Cleaning and Waste Removal 


Stem Cell Maintenance and Repair

The stem cell can magically transform into many different types of cells necessary to repair and regenerate tissues, which can wear over time. Timed cell death, or apoptosis, is natural and regeneration is necessary. The adult stem cell is responsible for regeneration of blood cells, endothelia of blood vessels, and epithelia of skin, intestine, and respiratory tract.  Adult stem cells also repair tissues such as bone, cartilage, and non-cardiac muscle, which are prone to injury due to physical activity.  Adam and Eve chose the multipotential adult stem cell to maintain the body’s cell populations.

Preparation for the Next Generation 

The miracle of creation understood the importance of education.  Each generation would advance to wholeness only if it learned from the experience of prior generations.  Humanity has preserved history in archives, museums, and libraries.  Similarly, within the nucleus of each cell lies the accumulated experience of the generations in the library of the DNA.  Every cell contains all this valuable information, which continues to evolve as human experience advances.

The Library of Accumulated Experience in the Nucleus of the Cell
Courtesy of photograph provided by Ralf Roletschek / subsequently modified 

Best for Last: Reproduction

Nature drives men and woman together with the most pleasurable and profound experience to enable e plurabus unum of the female egg and male sperm.  The mechanical union is infused with a miraculous spark of life that enables the continuation of the species.
Sperm and Egg Meet and a Miracle (not to be taken for granted) Occurs
Adam and Eve rested, exhausted in each other arms, assured that the wonderful human experiment had begun.

And the next day…

…there was a meeting of the minds on the palace lawn.

 7 Cabinet Ministers Posing in Front of Government Center

The 7 cells chosen by Adam and Eve to  to advise the design of the structure and function of the body.

From left to right; Liver cell (manufacture), Macrophage (defense and protection) Ovum (reproduction) Neuron (government) Sperm (reproduction) Stem cell (maintenance and repair) and Red cell (transport)


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Anatomy of My Mind for the New Year

head, face, nose, mouth, lips, bones, skull, x-ray, radiology

“A Better Future?” 

X-rays are used to projects things of the mind and  feelings that go deep into the bones.  The X-ray of the front of the head looks upward and forward to the future.  This art piece was  created for the New Year of  2016 with a hope of deep introspection for  each thoughtful person to improve themselves and the world.   As the year 2015 has now come to a close, we all hope for a better future.  This is not going to be a passive inheritance from thin air.  It will require deep introspection and reflection.   The art piece shows the head of a person, taking the first step to self realisation and fulfilment – raising the question.  The need for a thorough mental review of the past and the future is an absolute necessity.  The importance of playing an active role in personal destiny is emphasised by asking the first question – ‘A Better Future? ?” implying – How do I do I get involved with my own destiny and the destiny of my family and the people close to me?  The  X-ray is used to project a feeling that goes deep into the bones.  The X-ray of the front of the head looks upward and forward to the future.

The New Year fills the mind with all sorts of thoughts and feelings about oneself and the world.  It is a time to take stock of the state of the union of the self!  There is always room for growth and improvement.

Deep reflection and introspection is needed in order to accomplish this growth.  Life is a struggle and a wrestle for all at multiple levels.  There are physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects.  Each person must deal with their own failures and successes.  Sometimes what seems or seemed like a failure is in fact a success.

Life is a struggle and a wrestle for all at multiple levels.  There are physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects.  Each person must deal with their own failures and successes.


Who am I, what am I, and who do I want to be?

Perhaps the wisest advice I received was from an egoistic professor of surgery who suggested that one should project oneself to the age of 80 and then look back and see if one accomplished what one really wanted to accomplish.  Was it money, power, or personal fame or did it have to do with fulfilling relationships?  Are there things of the body that I should have or could have done?  Are there things of the mind that I could have or should have done?  Are  there things of the soul that I could have or should have done?

head, bones, skull, X-ray, radiology, introspection, nose, chin

The First Reflection for the New Year

 In this art piece, X-rays are used to project a feeling that goes deep into the bones.  The  X-ray on the right shows a forward gaze of a person with well defined facial features. The image on the left is modified to show a blank reflection.  The art shows the head of a person, looking in the mirror at the end of the year and wondering about the past and the future.  The first  reflection is blank since the experience of  the past year and the future are difficult to grasp in that short moment.  Nothing more than the blank is expected .  Persistence and honesty with a continued effort is needed to progress beyond this point. The stare into the mirror should be more than momentary.

This art piece was also created for the new year of  2016 with a hope of deep introspection of each thoughtful person to improve themselves and the world.



“What Do I Need?” 

X-rays are used to project a deep and honest questioning as to what is really needed .  The X-ray of the right head looks upward and forward to the future. The response of excessive material wealth for show is the response in this instance  One has to decide if this dream is directed toward self fulfillment.  Showing off the prize in the hope of an egotistical victory in competition with others in the community is the passion of this person.

On second thoughts-  What do I really need?

Improving my body

head, mind, bones, protection, food, physiology

Absolutes of Life

As the year 2015 has now come to a close,, a deep search is needed – right down to the core to preserve life.    Survival is the first requirement. Protection, food, and water are absolutes.  Protection means a roof and walls to keep the threatening elements out.  Food and water means nutrition and fluid to maintain bodily function

The art piece shows the head of a person, pursuing the most basic needs.  The pursuit and acquisition of basic needs is the first step.  Although this is logical to all and everybody, the new generation forget that the first step to independence, is physical independence that requires an ability to support the most basic needs of life.  It is a lesson to communities and countries who owe this basic need to their people.  It is also a lesson to individuals who pursue personal happiness as they enter”real life” after they have been educated.   The home is a simple rustic log cabin heated by a fire.


Improving My Mind  –  Where do I start?


“Anatomy of Brain Function; Receive, Process, Produce, Export” 

shows the bare skeleton of the human brain function.  The brain receives, processes, and exports.  The complexity of these three basic functions will unfold not only in the brain but in all functional systems.  The style is reminiscent of surrealism . The complexity of brain function is reduced to its 3 major functions.

So a good place to start is to a focus on the sensory system and it so happens that Janus of January has a lesson to share!

head, brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, sight, hearing taste, touch, smell, X-ray, Janus

Janus in Touch with His Senses

Janus is the God of beginnings and transitions and the art piece emphasises the organs of his senses.  He is usually depicted with two heads, one facing forward to the future and the other back to the past. The month of January takes its name from the Roman god.  As we face the new year, respect for the miracle of our senses needs to be celebrated.  In line with our resolutions of the optimizing the body, taking full advantage of our senses to optimise our mind is a natural progression.  The sensory organs keep us in touch with all that is around us, and it behoves us to use these miraculous tools  to feed our mind.  The art piece shows the sensory organs including, the eyes (sight), ears (hearing), nose (smell), mouth (taste), nose (smell), and hands (touch).

This art piece asks you to …see when you look, listen when you hear, taste when you eat….feel when you touch..

 As the year 2015 has come to a close, we all hope for a better future.  This is not going to be a passive inheritance from thin air.  It will require deep introspection and reflection of real and meaningful needs.    X-rays are used to project a deep and honest questioning as to what is really needed .  The X-ray of the left head of Janus looks upward and forward to the future with senses perked. The right head of Janus looks back with senses heightened in similar fashion.  

So a good place to start is an intense focus on the basics

Absolutes of food, water, and a home ….before the pie in sky

Use the senses sensibly – See when you look, listen when you hear, taste when you eat, remember to smell….and feel when you touch..