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Art And Anatomy of Function

Art and Anatomy of Function

Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2015


What does a cell do?

What does an organ do?

What does a machine do?

What does a person do?

What does a factory do?

What does a society do?

We all do the same thing!





The Cell

cells-0001-catalogue-signedThe Liver Cell

It receives raw goods.

It  processes the raw goods and manufactures  a product that is useful to the society of the body

The cell then exports and transports the product to the society of the body

Art And Anatomy

The Cell receives (red arrow) processes/produces (swirl in cell) and exports its products (yellow arrow).

The Organ – in this case the brain


The Brain receives sensory impulses from the environment, processes these impulses with memory and experience, and effects a response in the form of a muscle contraction or a secretion 

Other organs – in fact all organs do the same thing … In the next case we showcase the uterus

The Uterus receives a fertilized egg, enables the cells to evolve and grow in a supportive environment, and then delivers a baby to the world.

The Person.

What does a broom maker or for that matter a factory do?


The Broom Maker imports (orange arrow) straw, string and sticks. He then binds the sticks with the straw using string and produces a broom that he exports to the store for sale

Shakespeare received a lifetime experience through education, living sensitively, reading, scholarly endeavors, while integrating all the information.  With his creative nature and imagination ideas evolved on to paper through thoughtful process.  Stories and books were produced as a result.  His publisher exported the book to booksellers.

And even machines do it..

This is a machine that prints mementos on old pennies.  The old penny is placed in the slot (orange arrow).  The user then chooses the memento that he or she wants imprinted on the coin.  The machine processes the coin as directed and produces the memento which is delivered on the other end (green arrow).

The intent of this blog therefore is to express artistically the common principles of how all things in the body seem to work, and to draw parallels to enable a general understanding.


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