Derivation of the Lung Tree


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The “Lung Tree” is derived from an arteriogram of the pulmonary circulationand artistically rendered to express the similarity of the branching arterial system of the spleen with the branching pattern of a tree. The top right image is the original angiogram. In the top left image the arterial system is overlaid in red. The image is turned 90 degrees in anticlockwise direction so that it stands upright. In the last image the environment of the tree is portrayed. This includes the green environment above and around the tree and the roots below in the the earth. Both of these serve to nourish the tree.

The AiA rendering is derived from an angiogram of the pulmonary arterial circulation .  The pulmonary artery takes deoxygenated blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs which allows the carbon dioxide to be excreted in exchange for fresh air containing oxygen.  The trees in nature on the other hand take the carbon dioxide, our waste, and exchange it for fresh air containing oxygen that is transported by the trees in our body.  How miraculous and symbiotic is that?

Derivation of the the Pulmonary Arterial Tree.  The top left image reperesents the original pulmonary arteriogram of the left sided circulation.  This  image is top right image is  turned 90 degrees in counter clockwise fashion so that the tree stands upright.  The bottom image is the artistic rendering of the angiogram.  A tree in summer time taking in our waste and breathing out oxygen results! Oh so miraculous and helpful is the nature of the tree ..