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The Prostate and Its Magic Concoction

The One Who Stands Before 

A Poem About the Prostate  

by Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2016


The Prostate 

You were named as the one who “stands before”

By the father of anatomy himself

Herophilus of Chalcedon who lived in the period BC


Standing Before

Just before the coming of the great Jesus

And then you were forgotten

And then Galen briefly mentioned you 400 years later

And then you were forgotten once again

You have come and gone in the eyes of medical history

But you yourself remain unchanged

Lying quietly in the deep personal parts of the male

The mere size of a chestnut

Taking up central position

In structuire and function

Not many recognized nor knew of your genius

And even the great da Vinci never recognized you

Leaving Vesalius the first to make a little diagram

For some, you stood before the testy testes

And for others you have stood in front of the bladder

But it seems that most importantly you stand both before

And participate in, a great event

One that gives such pleasure to all mammalian males

And ensures survival for all

With great care you bring a magical brew together

Mixing 6 parts from the Seminals

With 3 parts of your own,

And a ½ a part containing the cells from the Testas

Leaving room for a tincture to be added downstream by the Cowpers


Secret Concoction From the testes, Seminal vesicles, Prostate, and Cowper’s Gland


Percentage Contributions

Your timing is impeccable

Ensuring that all come together

In the region of the verumontanum

The mountain of virility

So I imagine you in a dark and steamy room

Stirring up this magic potion

In a big brewing pot

With millions of cells and gallons of creamy fluid

Preparing for the great event


Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

genitourinary tract, genitourinary system, uterus, woman, Art in Anatomy, Ashley Davidoff MD

Uterus and Prostate on a Date .. and then..

genitourinary tract, genitourinary system, uterus, woman, Art in Anatomy, Ashley Davidoff MD

The Date Progressed

And then it happens

Beautiful coordination

You shut the gates upstream with a clap

And open the gates downstream with a clang

And you add your squeeze

And you add your pleasure

And millions go rushing forth as the competition begins

To win the heart of the princess in waiting

Like a mother saying goodbye to her sons

On a mission in a far off land

You pack them with a whole bunch of goodies

For the long and arduous road ahead

And you know you will never see them again

In the pack you leave some food

And protective covers

Against the initial acid welcome

Of the cozy vagina

The brief respite

In the cocoon of coagulum

Slowly breaks down with your secret PSA

And when danger is all clear

And the medium liquid

Your boys are now reenergized

And the race begins once more

With a prize that only one in the millions

Will win

But they all race with their guts and gusto

For the heart of the princess in waiting



What pleasure you give us

Our backroom boy

What genius you and your buddies concoct

Standing before and in front of the great event

Without you we are infertile

How central you are to our survival

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