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Gallbladder, Cystic duct and Archimedes Water screw” is an art piece that has elements of engineering, and biology working together. The Archimedes screw was designed to draw water from the lake or river to a higher level on the ground – and similarly for the functional mechanism of the valves of Heister in the cystic duct and flow of bile.  This system allows the bile in the the bile duct, to connect with and flow via cystic duct (waterscrew equivalent) into the gallbladder so that it can be stored.

Pioneering engineering feats in retrospect are often found in biology.

This art piece has a mechanistic feel and reminds one of a kinetic sculpture.  The purple in upper part of the art provides light and is in distinct contrast to darker lower color.  The upper purple gives a sense of an airy feeling and the lower part provides a sense of mysterious and magical workings deep inside the body.

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