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“Nature and Nurture- great leader vs despicable human-animal” shows the best of nature and nurture and the worst of it in humanity.

The battle between Churchill and Hitler showed the unambiguous contrast of good versus evil – a leader subservient to people and human pride and a sociopathic tyrant for whom life of others was cheap.

People are the result of nature and nurture- their genes are defined and unchanging but their upbringing can direct them as a person with morals or without regard for others.

Artistically  surrealism and spherism is used provide the idea of good and bad.  In this case the absolute disgust for Hitler is demonstrated by his upside down appearance, as he gets flushed down the toilets that lead to the fires of hell .  Churchill on the other hand has a halo of light surrounding his head and a look of intensity, strength, and conviction.

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