Giving Hands in the Snow


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Giving Hands in the Snow” 

shows x-rays of hands in the adverse conditions of the cold winter among naked branches of the trees in a field of snow .  The art piece expresses kindness when all are suffering.  Extending the hands that are chilled to the bone in an upward and giving position is the essence of this work. The hand could represent the giving of gifts, a “high 5”, a wave, or a handshake.  One of these gestures multiplies the effect as is shown by the artpiece.  

The foreground is shaded and dark and as the hands start to extend, light emerges and is projected into the future.

With the winter season there are many who will be suffering from the cold.  Those that can give will in turn receive since the principle of give and you get reflects the balance of moral justice.  In this case those that give receive the reward of  bonding

The X-rays are used to strip the flesh down to the bones and make the charity real and deeply palpable.

The art piece has a surreal sense, since the x-rays are taken out of context and put into snow white fields