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This artistic impressionistic art piece was created to show the difference in the positioning of the two adrenal glands.  Two boys are shown fishing by the river.  The hats represent the adrenal glands.  The boy on the right of the image is napping and his hat is positioned on his forehead (left adrenal).  The boy on the left is wide awake and his hat (right adrenal) is sitting on the top of his head. By medical imaging convention the boy on the right represents the left side of the body and the boy on the left represents the right side of the body.  The X-ray is viewed as if the person (patient) is looking at the examiner of the image. Artistically Dr. Davidoff draws the analogy of the two boys fishing in the river and infers the position of the adrenals so as to create a graphic memory of the anatomic location of the glands. The art has a simplistic and impressionistic ambience.

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