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Look into Your Right Heart with Heart Artwork

In this post we examine the anatomy, physiology, and metaphysical aspects of the amazing right heart using Art In Anatomy heart artwork to demonstrate the right heart

Heart Artwork Depicts the Beauty and Functionality of the Right Heart

Look into Your Right Heart

Ashley Davidoff 

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”    Carl Jung

 “Look into your Right Heart”  has both physical and metaphysical implications. There is an anatomy lesson, a physiology lesson and lessons of introspection in the study of the heart.  The intent is to draw the parallels of the physical and metaphysical aspects.

So let us start on a journey and take a look at the heart from the outside


The Royal Heart

in all its royal glory dressed in rich velvet robes of powerful muscle, enabling connections to serve its nation of cells.

Peel away the first layer of the right ventricle which is the front ventricle.  What is exposed through the window?


Windows to the Right Side of the Heart

This image teases us with the mystery of the inside secrets of the right ventricle- The right atrium which is a very interesting structure has an illuminated window which spreads its light on the magnificent tricuspid valve.  The remaining portions of right ventricle with its muscular columns are crowded with dark mystery  This is a good time look into your heart and commit to the journey, and to get rid of unnecessary emotional baggage and go forward with a clear slate.

Before the heart can pump out … it has to receive -then  process and decide how much to pump out – “Not too much and not too little – but just right” said Goldilocks- The heart has to gauge how much the body needs after  processing neural and hormonal signals.  For example in exercise the body needs more and during sleep it needs less.  This information is integrated spontaneously with the conditions of the body and the heart produces and pumps out just what is needed.


Receive, Process, Pump Out

Whenever we look into our heart and try and learn from the lesson of “not too much and not too little but just right” .. it takes life experience of being sensitive to the information, social clues and body language that we are receiving from the people in need around us … to be sensitive to the clues that people give us .. to be open to receive, to be able to process these clues and to judge what is needed .. and then to provide and give out what is needed .. “not too much not too little but just right” .. Sometimes we think if we give a lot .. more than is needed … we think we are doing the right thing .. and usually we are not… and sometimes we deny in order not to spoil and that is not good either.  Goldilocks principle rules

The universal principles of function receive, process and produce, and then give out or export are consistent throughout human physiology and and all spheres of human endeavor.

And now for a deeper look into the right ventricle


The Tricuspid Valve of the Right Ventricle

The tricuspid valve is a  beautiful and complex structure that helps direct forward blood flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle but equally importantly prevents back flow during systole . The work performed by the pump is therefore directed appropriately into the pulmonary circulation.  The tricuspid valve therefore  ensures that the energy and the effort pushes the blood forward and that none goes back .  In disease the valve may become incompetent meaning that some blood that should be going forward, is going backward into the right atrium. This infers wasted effort and time.


Beauty of the Tricuspid Valve

In the world we live and work in, we should ensure that the energies we expend are focused and the vector is directed to enable optimal result.  Any baggage that prevents us from doing this should be discarded.  This action requires discipline and strength of mind.  One may think in terms of addictions (smoking, eating, hoarding, work, money) when we can see clearly the path that should be taken but we lose the focus and move backward to old habit and therefore have to bear the weight of unnecessary baggage

And the destination of right ventricular work – The Pulmonary Circulation

trees in the body-0001-catalogue-signed

The Lung Tree

The AiA rendering is derived from an angiogram of the pulmonary arterial circulation .  The pulmonary  artery takes deoxygenated blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs which allows the carbon dioxide to be excreted in exchange for fresh air containing oxygen.  The trees in nature on the other hand take the carbon dioxide, our waste, and exchange it for fresh air containing oxygen that is transported by the trees in our body.  How miraculous and symbiotic is that?

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