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Bonds and Thanksgiving

Bonds and Thanksgiving

From Big Bang to Turkey Dinner

Ashley Davidoff MD Copyright 2015

Where do bonds start? and Where do they end?


It all started with big bang – and the need for bonds was created…

big-bang-0001-catalogue-small sign

…energies both positive and negative were released.

big-bang-0002-catalogue-small sign

They were called electrons and protons and…

…immediately they had a need to bond and become whole in the context of space and time.

big-bang-0006-catalogue-small sign

Their bond was deep and they created the mother of elements: hydrogen.  The electron remained true to his nature and the proton to hers. Their bond was not absolute as they danced around each other and caused young hydrogen to spin as well.

As a result of this beautiful bond, hydrogen has been spinning for billions of years.

big-bang-0008-catalogue-small sign

Hydrogen did not feel complete and had a need to bond and become whole. One of these bonds was with another hydrogen and an oxygen to form water – H2O – beautiful water.

The molecule had a need to bond and become whole and oceans and rivers reigned the earth.


Other the atoms also had a need to bond and become whole and they became molecules.

The molecules had a need to bond and become whole and they eventually became cells.


The cells had a need to bond and become whole and they became structures in the body.

The structures of the body had a need to bond and become whole and they bonded through blood vessels lymphatics nerves and connective tissue.


The Pulmonary Circulation 

The water and chemicals that arose from big bang were needed to run through the vessels and bond the parts to let them grow and evolve.


The two people of different energy, one called female and the other male, had a need to bond and become whole.

They maintained their individuality but became bigger and stronger than the component parts.


So it was with their cells, one male and the other female. Each had a need to bond and become whole.

The progeny of these bonds had a need to bond and become whole. We call this group a family.


This need to bond and become whole never ends as we continuously try to come together as people, and as a result we looked for the freedom to do this.

And we landed on the shores of America and became the Unites States.


We give thanks for this great United States.

It is not always smooth sailing, however, and bonds are broken with small bangs along the way,



and then repaired with conversation and the meeting of reasonable minds (we hope)!


In the end, our MISSION and NEED is to search and struggle for wholeness. We are driven by a constant need to come together as one.


Thanksgiving Jennie Augusta b01

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1914

(Original by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, Modified Public Domain Image )


Thanksgiving is a time when we achieve meaningful bonds, albeit for a short time. That time is precious!!!

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