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Art, Hand Movement, And Season’s Lights

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The Nativity Scene, Menorah and Surrounding Lights with still hands

Winter brings a dark chill.  Humans respond to this discomfort by creating ways to alleviate the stress. This post focuses on one way to counter the gloom.  Across the Judeo-Christian world, light is used to brighten and warm the spirits.

Art in Anatomy found a family home in Westwood, Massachusetts who illuminated their home and garden with Judeo-Christian scenes.  They combined a nativity scene with a Chanukah menorah among colorful lights that adorned their house, trees, and barn.

By sleight of hand, Davidoff altered this scene by moving the camera in various directions to create different effects:


Up and Down Motion of the hands on the camera


Wave Like Motion of the hands on the camera


Looping Motion of the hands on the camera


Horizontal Motion of the hands on the camera


A Single Slow Back and Forth Sweep of the hands on the camera

The lesson: The same scene can be viewed from many perspectives.  Similarly, the same God can be viewed by many different religions.  The difference between the monotheistic religions is merely a difference in pathway; they all arrive at the same end point.  Why kill each other if we’re all headed to the same final destination?