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Anatomy of Foot Soles

Two lost soles sitting solitary on a fence

Feeling distracted from each other


Said the compromising one to the other “We are not yet defeeted”
Said the other to the one in a fit of anger “I would hate to be in your shoes”

Said the compromising one  to the other. “Let’s get off our pedestals, resolve our differences, move forward, and walk in the way of righteousness”
Said the non compromising left one to oneself “Was going to say left-sidedness rather than righteousness for the sake of my pride and my tribe, but decided to let it go”
Said the one to the other “It is better if we walk together – otherwise we will only be able to hop with no hope”
Said the one to the one “Let’s pursue One and we will find our soles”

And they walked in step, like one, into the sunset, , foot after foot, hand in hand and lived happily ever after.

The End

Lessons from sox
Courtesy of dOG WaLK aRT and the  Free Museums Around and In Us

Ashley Davidoff